Daniel Hawkins | “Las Cienegas: 06.18.2009 – 12.17.2011” Book Release
Daniel Hawkins is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles.
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Las Cienegas Projects

“Las Cienegas: 06.18.2009 – 12.17.2011” Book Release

Please join us Sunday, October 11 at Rosamund Felsen Gallery for the publication release of Las Cienegas 06.18.2009 -12.17.2011, a cloth-bound, hard cover book documenting the history of Las Cienegas Projects, an artist-run project space in Los Angeles operating between 2009-2011. Opening its doors during the peak of the Great Recession, Las Cienegas Projects singularly bridged the wide-ranging art communities and diverse practices of Los Angeles, serving, in the words of artist, scholar, and educator Charles Gaines, as “an alternative to the alternative space”.

Designed by Jennifer Rider in conjunction with LCP’s founders Amy Thoner and Steven Hull (who is represented by Rosamund Felsen Gallery), the 416 page book serves as an archive of the gallery’s 61 exhibitions from its main curatorial program, including extensive photographic documentation in full color and the original press release texts. Opening the book is an introduction by Los Angeles-based writer Susan Morgan, followed by the Charles Gaines essay, “Las Cienegas Projects: Art, Egalitarianism, and the Well-being of Artists,” which critically examines the history of alternative spaces while contextualizing LCP’s unique place within that history.

The October 11th event will include a musical performance by the Haden Triplets and Alejandro Pelayo (performing “Kites”, the 1967 hit by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound) and a short welcoming speech by Charles Gaines.

Wine and refreshments will be served.

Sunday, October 11th, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Rosamund Felsen Gallery
1923 S Santa Fe Ave #100
Los Angeles, CA  90021

Photographic documentation in the book includes work by the following artists:

Dennis Adams
Dewey Ambrosino
Ray Barrie
Merwin Belin
James Benning
Jesse Benson
Erik Bluhm
Derek Boshier
Andrea Bowers
Dante Brebner
Sky Burchard
Scott Marvel Cassidy
Chromium Dumb Belle
Francis Coy
Liz Craft
Sarah Cromarty
Zoe Crosher
Dorit Cypis
Greg Dalton
Trinie Dalton
Ismael de Anda
Michael Decker
Sandy de Lissovoy
Tami Demaree
Michele Di Menna
Michelle Dizon
Didier Hess
Rachel Foullon
Andrew Freeman
Erik Frydenborg
Aaron GM
Francesca Gabbiani
Charles Gaines
David Galbraith
Diego Garza
Wendell Gladstone
Flora Golden
Sayre Gomez
Ken Gonzales-Day
Tanya Haden
Kevin Hanley
Daniel Hawkins
Isabell Heimerdinger
Katie Herzog
Naotaka Hiro
Alexis Hudgins
Cannon Hudson
Steven Hull
Pearl C. Hsiung
Daniel Ingroff
Charles Irvin
Vincent Johnson
Vishal Jugdeo
Annetta Kapon
David Kelley
Patrick Killoran
Alex Klein
Bill Komoski
David Lamelas
Lisa Lapinski
Caitlin Lainoff
Nery Gabriel Lemus
Simon Leung
Stefan Lochmüller
Fred Lonidier
Benjamin Lord
Marilyn Lowey
Lakshmi Luthra
Brian Mann
Stephen McCarty
Matthias Merkel Hess
Jonathan Monk
Pentti Monkkonen
Beatriz Monteavaro
Sandeep Mukherjee
Jay Needham
Karina Nimmerfall
Paul Noble
Yann Novak
Kaz Oshiro
Juliana Paciulli
Stephan Pascher
Alia Penner
Terri Phillips
Nikki Pressley
Ben Pruskin
Yvonne Rainer
Vincent Ramos
Andrea Robbins and Max Becher
Mark Roeder
Marcos Rosales
Eddie Ruscha
Ron Russell
Amy Sarkisian
Nils Schirrmacher
Allison Schulnik
Betsy Lin Seder
Joaquin Segura
Anna Sew Hoy
Mindy Shapero
Jim Shaw
Taro Shinoda
Katie Shook
Georgina Starr
Laurie Steelink
Gabie Strong
Donnie Stroud
Jennifer Sullivan
Lynton Talbot
Kara Tanaka
Koki Tanaka
Caroline Thomas
Amy Thoner
Shelli Tollman
April Totten
John Tottenham
Dani Tull
Torbjörn Vejvi
J. Patrick Walsh III
Marnie Weber
Owleyes “James” Weigel
Megan Whitmarsh
Landon Wiggs
Millie Wilson
Aaron Wrinkle
Kent and Kevin Young
Nate Young
Bari Ziperstein
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