Daniel Hawkins | danmhawk
Daniel Hawkins is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles.
Daniel Hawkins, Daniel Hawkins Art, Daniel Hawkins Artist, Desert Lighthouse, Radical Mountain, The Hoover Dam, Land Art, Los Angeles Artist, Daniel Hawkins Los Angeles
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Please join us Sunday, October 11 at Rosamund Felsen Gallery for the publication release of Las Cienegas 06.18.2009 -12.17.2011, a cloth-bound, hard cover book documenting the history of Las Cienegas Projects, an artist-run project space in Los Angeles operating between 2009-2011. Opening its doors during the peak of the Great Recession, Las...

On Saturday, May 30, Los Angeles Filmforum presents, Marnie Weber: Twenty Years and Forevermore & In person: Marnie Weber and F for Evermore! Marnie Weber creates works that are at once haunting and mundane, beautiful and dissonant. Ever exploring the American mythos and mining its history for...