Daniel Hawkins | Desert Lighthouse
Daniel Hawkins is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles.
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Desert Lighthouse


Desert Lighthouse is a land art project by Daniel Hawkins: building a full-size functioning lighthouse in the Mojave Desert near Hinkley, CA. The nearly 50ft tall Lighthouse features a high powered “guiding light” to aid wayward desert travelers through the complex Mojave landscape.


“Hawkins initially conceived of the Desert Lighthouse during an agoraphobic experience while driving through California’s High Desert at night — the lack of any visual reference point while careening through a featureless void recalled the sublime Romantic condition of being lost at sea, and provoked a craving for the orienting singularity of a homing beacon. On his return to Los Angeles, he immediately set about acquiring a small parcel of land in the high desert, and began researching the engineering and legal logistics to construct a full-size, functioning lighthouse.” – Doug Harvey, writer/artist

For more information, visit www.desertlighthouse.org